Section D: Unicef and United Nations Premises

Support for managing accessibility improvements in UNICEF offices around the world


To achieve disability inclusion in UNICEF’s work, it is important to consider both operations and programmes. The understanding of accessibility as a concept often stems from ensuring our premises are accessible for all and we are “walking the talk”.

Section D of the toolkit focuses on guidance, processes and procedures to help make UNICEF facilities more accessible. These tools could also be used to improve the common premises of the United Nations and the facilities of partner organizations.

In particular, this section highlights key considerations for existing premises and facilities, including selecting appropriate locations and enhancing the accessibility of existing facilities in a systematic manner. UNICEF premises include buildings, office spaces, sub-offices, guest houses, warehouses and surrounding spaces, like pathways, car parks and courtyards.

  • Part 1 explains UNICEF’s overall procurement protocol and the actors involved in the accessibility refurbishment of offices and premises.
  • Part 2 integrates specific guidance for improving the accessibility of UNICEF’s existing premises and facilities as well as for choosing the new facility (owned or rented, exclusive or shared). A segment is also dedicated to the integration of accessibility considerations into safety and security procedures in UNICEF premises.

Even if not covered in the toolkit, another important aspect related to an organizational priority is the reduction of UNICEF’s environmental footprint by cutting greenhouse gas emissions from air travel, vehicle fleets and facilities, and by decreasing water consumption, paper use, single-use plastics and waste.


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