Section B: Programme-related Buildings

An overview of accessibility issues in programme-related activities and in managing accessibility activities at the programme level


Accessibility is an essential aspect of UNICEF’s programme-related activities. The needs of persons with disabilities should always be taken into account, both in emergency and in development activities, including whenever infrastructure or equipment is concerned. Depending on the intervention’s complexity, the requirements can be connected to the design and construction of new buildings or to the renovation of existing ones.

SECTION B of this toolkit aims to support UNICEF staff and partners in their efforts to ensure accessibility in all construction projects across all programme areas, including education, child protection, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

  • Part 1 provides examples that are accessibility-specific to the various sectors of UNICEF’s work, such as education, WASH, child protection and health. NB: Accessibility within humanitarian action is addressed in Section D of this toolkit.
  • Part 2 outlines UNICEF’s overall procurement protocol and the actors involved in programme-related accessibility interventions.
  • Part 3 includes specific guidance for the construction of NEW programme-related buildings.
  • Part 4 includes specific guidance for accessibility improvements in EXISTING programme-related buildings.


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